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Home>Outdoor Power Equipments>Chain Saws>25.4cc JonCutter G2500 Top Handle Arborist Gasoline Chainsaw Power Head Without Saw Chain and Guide Bar
25.4cc JonCutter G2500 Top Handle Arborist Gasoline Chainsaw Power Head Without Saw Chain and Guide Bar

25.4cc JonCutter G2500 Top Handle Arborist Gasoline Chainsaw Power Head Without Saw Chain and Guide Bar

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25.4cc JonCutter G2500 Top Handle Arborist Gasoline Chainsaw Power Head Without Saw Chain and Guide Bar
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25.4cc JonCutter G2500 Top Handle Arborist Gasoline Chainsaw Power Head Without Saw Chain and Guide Bar
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    • Type: JonCutter G2500 chainsaw power head
    • Displacement: 25.4cc
    • Power: 0.9kw
    • Suggested Chain and bar: 3/8 LP, .050 , 12inch


Customer Reviews



Looks like a toy but it has been running great after over a year. Light to use and starts easily even if it's been sitting. Coat about $110 shipped to FL and it loves cheap gas and Supertech 2 cycle oil. Never a problem.


Been using this thing for a few mounts now and got some hours on the thing. It is a great saw for what it is and i can not fault it. All in all a great saw for the money.


This thing is awesome. It starts really easily, and is very light. Makes short work of my firewood. Make sure you use the recommended 30w oil for the bar oil so it oils properly. I suspect most commercial bar and chain oil is too thick for this saw.


Bought this saw about a year ago because I wanted a small light top handle that I could beat up and not care about it. Shipping was fast and I ordered the recommended 12” bar and chain combo. Started on the 3rd pull! I found there was a little oil residue in the clutch drum but after cleaning that out it cut great!! I am one that can’t ever leave well enough alone so I nodded the saw. Opened the muffler up, port mapped the cylinder and then adjusted the porting, advanced the timing, raised the compression and recut the squish band. This little saw absolutely rips now!! By far the most used saw in my collection! Can’t wait to purchase more saws from Farmertec!! Highly recommend these little JonCutter’s to anyone!!


Great little saw no problems


Great lil saw for the bucks. Chain brake doesn't engage as easily as it should, and clutch is now screaming at times, but has had a lot of use and has always performed well. About 70-75% as good at the Echo cs 2511T, but the Echo is 3-4 time the price.


Joncutter... just git mine yesterday. Fast shipping and looks well built


I have had this saw for a year now. Its my back country camping/fishing saw its used winter and summer. I throw it in the sxs for trail clearing. This saw is impressive for its size. Extremely happy with it. Great little saw.


I had read about this saw and did a lot of research because I was skeptical about it. I decided to give it a try, I ordered the saw and 12" bar. I received it within 2 weeks and it was exactly how everyone had described it. It was well built and nothing was missing. I assembled the saw and it started on the 3rd pull. I'm very pleased with my purchase


Saw started right and and runs great so far. Iv only broken it in a made a couple test cuts so time will tell if it holds up. Seems very sturdy and well built.


Other than not realizing that it did not come with a bar and chain, I am, so far, completely satisfied. It started on the third pull right out of the box. I have run three tanks of gas through it thus far with no problems. It starts by the second pull every time. It is light weight, well balanced and comfortable to use. My wife has already claimed it for herself, so I guess I will be ordering another.


I tried to find the lightest top handle saw and found this. I used it to cut down a tall bald cypress top to bottom.
Nicely made, enough power. The one that I like the most is it just need a little bit pull to start up the engine.
This is really helping me because I have to start up the engine and start cutting then turn off the engine to go up to the top of the tree.
Highly recommend this little guy.


Very good and very fast service thanks


This saw is pretty nice. I bought the bar and chain they recommend as well and they are also great. Cuts nice. It idles, which is more than I can say about other saws. It starts easily every time. Now I'm not an abourist but I do a fair share of cutting on my property and it is holding up fairly well. Great saw for climbing or bucket truck work.


Love this little topping saw! Bought to replace an old Homelite XL, I had. Had the saw in 8 days after placing the order! I also ordered and received the 12 bar and chain with it. It came to the rescue the first day using it when my Poulan quit while I was making my back cut on a 18 dead Elm I was dropping after I had topped out with the G2500. Even with the 12 bar because it was cutting so well and as fast as this little saw is worked great! I was cutting Elm, Oak and Box Elder, no problem for the Little Jon Cutter G2500. In time I may put a 14 bar on it. I've used all the other top brand name saws this one stands high in the tree with me anyday! I just ordered it's big brother the G5800 Jon Cutter. Thanks Farmertec and Huztl on your products!


Just like my last G2500 a great saw. Regretfully the new customs broker in Ontario is charging double than the previous for import fees ($31 vs $16). Would be nice if Farmertec had more spare parts available for them.


Very nice saw for the money. Ran perfectly when I fired it up. Also, use it frequently and have no problems. I recommend Farmer Tec to all my friends.


Very pleased with this saw starts runs and cuts better then expected


2 weeks to my porch..a few tweaks and carb adjust and she was good to go.. Ive topped trees and limb with it...starts on first pull after warmup..been my most used saw of th bunch..absolutely recommend


Got the saw back in December from the black Friday sale got about 8 tanks through it now got it for the small jobs. about tank 4 i checked everything all over and it was good and tight. I like this little saw and for the money it's a great deal

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