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3 Chain Sharpening Steps for Gasoline Chainsaw User

May 24, 2022

Quick question, how do you sharpen your saw chain and make it like this folk?

The answer is simple as below:

The bar should be secured in a tight vice and the chain should be locked.

Sharpen the cutting teeth with a round file. Each tooth should be filed at an angle to the rollers with smooth pushing strokes.

This step should be repeated for each tooth. To access more teeth, you'll need to release the brake from time to time.

To file the teeth on the other side of the saw, turn the saw around after you have gone around the chain once.


Make sure you wear safety gloves every time you sharpen the chain.

It is never a good idea to file a hot chain. Wait for it to cool down first.

Don't push the file across the chain. Chain files that don't move smoothly are warped and will need to be replaced. 

It is never a good idea to turn the chainsaw on while sharpening the chain. Make sure you advance the chain by hand.



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