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59cc Holzfforma® Blue Thunder G366 Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head Only Without Guide Bar and Saw Chain Parts Are Compatible With MS361 Chainsaw

59cc Holzfforma® Blue Thunder G366 Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head Only Without Guide Bar and Saw Chain Parts Are Compatible With MS361 Chainsaw Item NO.: CS36166

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  • Type: G366 power head
  • Displacement: 59cc
  • Power: 3.4kw
  • Interchangeable Parts: MS361 parts
59cc Holzfforma® Blue Thunder G366 Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head Only Without Guide Bar and Saw Chain Parts Are Compatible With MS361 Chainsaw
Quantity: 21
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Product Name 59cc Holzfforma® Blue Thunder G366 Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head Only Without Guide Bar and Saw Chain Parts Are Compatible With MS361 Chainsaw
Item NO. CS36166
Weight 8 kg = 17.6370 lb = 282.1917 oz
Category Outdoor Power Equipments > Chain Saws
Brand Holzfforma
Creation Time 2018-11-28



I purchased the G366 because I wanted a smaller and lighter saw for jobs around the house and I figured it would do the job that I needed. I had been using an ms460 as my small saw and the ms660 for the big stuff prior to them being stolen, leaving me in need of a chainsaw. Obviously the ms460 is not a small saw. I’ve previously owned a Stihl 036 pro and ms441 too. I’ve had the G366 for about 1 year and it is a decent mid-sized saw, but after owning larger saws, the lack of power is noticeable, but the reduced weight is appreciated. I have a 20” stihl bar on it, but in my opinion, it is a little nose heavy and is better suited with a 16” to 18” bar. I only put the 20” bar on it, because I had an extra one that wasn’t being used. I had an 18” on the 036 pro and I felt that was a good combo for a saw this size. Only advantage to a longer bar is that you don’t have to bend over as much to reach the ground, depending on how tall you are. I run my saws with WoodlandPRO synthetic at a 40:1 mix and have never had a problem, while the Chinese are recommending 25:1 because they are using crap oil and want to make sure the engine is well lubricated. I use a tach to tune idle and the max unloaded rpm to 14,000 after break in and turned it to 13,000 rpm during break in.

I have had some issues with this saw, when I first got it the saw would stall under deceleration and no tuning to the carb would fix it, so I bought an aftermarket carb for it and the problem went away. The second problem I had was that the coil went out on the saw, which I replaced it with an aftermarket one. The top cover nut was also on too tight and nearly impossible to take off, I ended up having to Dremel the slot deeper so I could get something in there to turn it. I would have contacted customer support, but I needed to repair the saw quickly so I could use it for a weekend project. I’ve had some issues with the flippy caps too. After initial break in of the saw, I did a muffler mod, installing a dual port kit from ebay. The muffler mod will pick up about 10% more horsepower and is a noticeable improvement. Please remember to wear ear plugs as it gets louder and more awesome sounding. The saw cuts better, but I still want more power, so I’m going to port the cylinder next and see how she runs, otherwise Farmertec has a bigbore kit, which I will try if porting doesn’t satisfy me.

I would recommend this saw if you only occasionally need a chainsaw for mid to small wood cutting, and if I was going to only buy one saw, I think the G444 would be a better option, because you will be wanting more power, unless you like modding things like I do. I’m trying to get the hp of the G444 from the G366 for a powerful light weight saw. After a good experience with the G366 I bought the G111 and G660, which I have enjoyed using both.



I currently have a Stihl 015 top handle, MS 250, and MS 271 Farm Boss. I have a couple of friends who each have a MS 362C and they both rave about that saw. I subsequently ordered a G366 and a bar/chain combo through Huztl and received the order in North Carolina in only 8 days. The only thing I had to do was install the bar/chain and fill ‘er up with gas mix and bar oil. Runs great right outt’a the box. I felled and bucked up 4 large 90’ pines the next morning afte receiving the order. I was a loyal Stihl I’m a loyal Holzfforma guy. I’ve since ordered a Joncutter G2500 top handle. That G366 is a hungry saw...I love it!



Good saws for the money. Love the holzforma line.



Pretty impressed with everything so far, I'll be buying more products in the future.



Nice saw with good fit and finish. Built well like a professional saw should be. I have not had a chance to work with the saw yet however this is not my first farmertec saw. My other farmertec saw was used extensively over the summer and fall of 2019 to cut several cords of firewood.



I bought the 366 model... This one one of my best investments for this year. I own a dozen Stihl chainsaws and love them. The Blue one fits right in with orange and white. Cuts great plenty of power. The harder I pull it the better it runs. I came here today to order another, but sadly they are out of stock.



Bought the G366 / MS361 compatible 60cc class, 4 1/2hp saw during the Black Friday sale for $167.
The saw is seen performing in the listed link at the end of the review.
Cutting 16 , fresh wet heavy pine at approximately 500ft above sea level at 52 degrees F. Only one adjustment was made to the low speed jet prior to the video. You can easily hear the saw still 4 stroking during it's gentle break in on the last half of the first tank. The saw starts, runs, oils, and cuts very nice. The combination of this powerhead at 12 1/2lbs, with a basic 20 , 3/8 x .050 x 72 link bar and chain driven by a 3/8 7t sprocket rim provide a satisfyingly nimble machine. The log it is cutting was dropped and bucked by the G372xp in the background, and the G366 was purchased to do that work on exactely this size logs and trees. No modifications have been performed to the design of the saw, for example the muffler is stock.
During the middle of this video the saw cut a nail and we continued. On the last cut I laid into the saw. It dropped some rpm, stabilized, stopped 4 stroking and continued with a high torque cut. At this date it is easy to recommend the G366. My intention is to remember to provide at least one followup video and review after breakin and using the saw for a month or two to verify that it performs as well as indicated from it's initial running.



Purchased the g366. Upon arrival the saw fired up and idled. It was set rich and had to be leaned out a tad but once adjusted, this saw cuts amazing! I put a 20 inch bar on it and it's fully capable of handling it. Amazed at how well this saw cuts. It identical to the stihl 360. Also has no leaks of any kind (oil and gas). Thanks again!!



I got this G366,59cc saw 1½ month ago.It`s run perfect in iddle and full trottle except stall problem with deceleration and a (little fuel tank vent licking issue) after unboxing.I put a (new OEM fuel tank vent) and a (new 25$ aftermarket carb) on it,adjust the L and H screw 1 full turn off and it`s run perfect now!screw.The full choke and half choke work perfect if you adjust the iddle RPM highter of 3000rpm.Just delete the decompression valve don`t need on this 59cc chainsaw.Cool design,nice fit and finish quality.Lot of power and good size saw for wood stove cutting.I am Installed a 25”Holzfforma combinaison bar & chisel chain !really impressive about the Quality of the Full Chisel Chain and Bar!Really recommended!.I want put a 5 star for this G366(MS361),59cc chainsaw!

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