Home>Outdoor Power Equipments>Chain Saws>92cc Holzfforma® Blue Thunder G660 Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head Without Guide Bar and Chain Top Quality By Farmertec All parts are compatible with MS660 066 Chainsaw
92cc Holzfforma® Blue Thunder G660 Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head Without Guide Bar and Chain Top Quality By Farmertec All parts are compatible with MS660 066 Chainsaw

92cc Holzfforma® Blue Thunder G660 Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head Without Guide Bar and Chain Top Quality By Farmertec All parts are compatible with MS660 066 Chainsaw Item NO: CS66688

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  • Type: G660 Power head
  • Displacement: 92CC
  • Power: 5.2KW
  • Interchangeable Parts: Farmertec MS660 066 parts
  • It is with luxury handle bar ,Magnesium Alloy Recoil Starter/Crankcase/Sprocket Cover as shown in the picture, make your work easier and safer.
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Product Name 92cc Holzfforma® Blue Thunder G660 Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head Without Guide Bar and Chain Top Quality By Farmertec All parts are compatible with MS660 066 Chainsaw
Item NO CS66688
Weight 10 kg = 22.0462 lb = 352.7396 oz
Category Outdoor Power Equipments > Chain Saws
Tag CHAINSAW , Holzfforma
Brand Holzfforma
Creation time 2018-08-25




ToimoyJohn michael

I think this saw is cheapest and best for deal


Matt H.

Great saw! I cut firewood for a living and I am very hard on saws. This saw has held up well and it has become my favorite.


Troy Simpkins

so far this saw is what I expected.


Chance Fears

So far I like this saw. I’m not sure it’s something you can work with every day for a long period of time. But for the occasional use for a cheap big saw it’s perfect for what I need. I’ve gotten it broken in now and like it well enough that I ordered another one on a weekend deal for my father.


Mark Mason

Works great so far



I received my saw in a timely manner. The first time I tried it, I could not get it to run, but after fiddling with it, the next morning it fired right up. I paired it with a 36" Oregon sprocket nose bar & a ripping chain, & put it in my Alaskan mill. It ripped slabs of pecan & Osage Orange beautifully, however, I did have 2 bolts back out in the process. One of them was on the left-hand side of the chain brake lever. Fortunately my son found it on the ground & I put it back in & kept going. Overall I'm pleased with my purchase, & am looking forward to using it for years to come.


Gus barlament

When I received the power head I was pleased with the overall appearance of the unit. I'm no professional but I've been cutting trees my whole life and I regularly work with many professional tree cutters, so I know my way around saws. I have several Stihl, Husqvarna, and poulan saws (from back when they were quality saws). I ordered the g660 because our Stihl 046 just wasn't big enough for some of the large wood we've been getting. Upon putting the handle on and before mounting a bar I filled up the fuel tank and started it up. The saw started nicely, but the trigger linkage was jamming and the fuel cap started to leak. I took the back cover off and bent the connecting link a bit to make it line up better. I then replaced the o-ring on the fill cap. Very simple fixes and both problems solved. I then mounted a 36"Stihl guide bar we had w/chain and filled the oil reservoir. I then ran the saw for about a minute to make sure I was getting good oil spatter and proper lubrication. Checked out perfectly. The next day I went to our wood pile and found a nice 40-42" silver maple log we had and did a test cut. The saw cut through like a dream. I didn't bother trying to work it up and down since I wanted to see how it would perform. It did very well, I only had to back it off one time to clear out the sawdust and continued on. Since we don't usually have a lot of really large wood I just couldn't justify spending the 1200 plus dollars on an ms660 so I was very pleased to find these as an alternative. I haven't really used it since so I can't comment at all on longevity, but I have a good feeling this thing will last me a good long while. Thank you for giving semi-pro cutters a reasonable priced power saw.


Morgan Mosher

When I first got the got the saw it would not idle, after cleaning the carb n readjustment, the saw will idle. I haven't had chance to use it much but it cuts through wood like a hot knife through butter.


Seth Colwell

Came fast , all things considering , fired up on third pull and has been running great , since then I have run a few tanks of fuel through the saw with no problems , I’ve also ordered a 440 kit and two 660 kits. Very happy customer!


George Balding

One of the Best buy's I have ever made.


Kevin b

Hi. I wrote a review saying my new saw had no spark. I don't know what I did wrong before, but it fired up finally. Sounds great. Hoping to mill some pecan & Osage Orange later, we will see how it goes!



Folllow up review after break-in and 20 gallons of gas. Once a tank and a half was burned jetted to 13000 rpm and started milling 20 inch round by 10 foot long red oak. This is defiantly the right saw for the job. Power is strong the entire length of the cut. Start and idle as it should cold or hot. Mill cedar and pine like butter. It has been a great saw



Saw runs and cuts better than expected. Great power to weight ratio. After a fine tuning on the carb it runs and starts great. Only time will tell how qood the quality is really. Haven't had it long enough to do a thorough review of it. as of now I would buy another without hesitation.


Tree Frog

This saw is pure runs Great! It can be refined with muffler mods and other things but strait out of the box and a little tune runs powerfull!


Jared Adkins

Saw came in good shape. I did check all the main bolts before firing up and a couple of the head bolts were loose and a exhaust bolt. But overall the 660 seems to be a good saw. Shipping was pretty quick. I’d highly recommend hultz if u can check over a few thing and do decent maintenance.


David Cathey

Tuff chain and bar


David Cathey

It's a fast saw fun to run.


James CliftC

Got my G660 about 3 weeks ago. Fired up on third pull. Have put about a gallon with of fuel through it and have had no problem or complaints. Just got my pulse tachometer put on it and got the saw tuned up!!! Will be gettin other saws in the near future!!!!


Rachel m Mckinnis



Steve Thornton

Saw showed up in 8 days! Put the handle on and the chain and bar, filled up the fuel and the bar oil, 6 pulls and it fired right up! Can't wait to cut some wood tomorrow morning! Great looking saw for the money, oh yeah and it's a beast!

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