Home>Saw Repair Kits>ST 036 MS360 Parts (Complete Saw Repair Kits)>Complete Repair Parts For Stihl MS360 036 MS340 034 Engine motor crankcase crankshaft cylinder piston chain sprocket cover muffler carburetor handle bar fuel tank...
Complete Repair Parts For Stihl MS360 036 MS340 034 Engine motor crankcase crankshaft cylinder piston chain sprocket cover muffler carburetor handle bar fuel tank...

Complete Repair Parts For Stihl MS360 036 MS340 034 Engine motor crankcase crankshaft cylinder piston chain sprocket cover muffler carburetor handle bar fuel tank... Item NO.: CS36020A

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  • STIHL MS360 036 MS340 034 Chainsaw Complete Repair Parts as shows in the pictures.​
Complete Repair Parts For Stihl MS360 036 MS340 034 Engine motor crankcase crankshaft cylinder piston chain sprocket cover muffler carburetor handle bar fuel tank...
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Product Name Complete Repair Parts For Stihl MS360 036 MS340 034 Engine motor crankcase crankshaft cylinder piston chain sprocket cover muffler carburetor handle bar fuel tank...
Item NO. CS36020A
Weight 7 kg = 15.4324 lb = 246.9177 oz
Category Saw Repair Kits > ST 036 MS360 Parts (Complete Saw Repair Kits)
Brand Farmertec
Creation Time 2016-12-16



I built this kit in about 6 hours, probably less. I'd never done this before but i have worked on various equipment my whole life but im no expert and it started right up. Had fun building this and hope to find it also works well



I work on a lot of saws for 3 tree services, several contractors and quite a few individual weekend/firewood cutters. I use both OEM a fair amount of aftermarket parts depending on the application, availability, price and quality. Some aftermarket parts simply don’t cut it when it comes to quality! I had not used any of the Huzl/FarmerTec products prior to ordering this kit but had worked on a kit saw someone else had put together which was having some problems due to their assembly. I ordered this 360 kit for the fun of it and to see what kind of quality the parts were. Cases were of a good fit and finish, impressed. Bearings seemed to be good, I did not use the seals as they were preinstalled and had to be removed to pull the crank through, used OEM seals. Cylinder was decent, better than some aftermarkets I have received but did need some port cleaning. Squish was .47 so the base gasket was left out bringing the squish down to .24. Piston seemed to be decent quality but I did use OEM clips as I am not a fan of the style supplied.
The clutch spring had the wrong bend on the coiled end, while it would go on, tension was way too much and made the brake difficult to use at best, and an OEM was used. Clutch drum was also not used as it was out of round in several places rubbing the brake band way too hard, Oregon was used. I originally used the supplied oil pump but was later replaced to a used OEM as it did not oil well and leaked. The oil line from the pump to the bar was also replaced as the supplied line was not as tight as needed going through the passage which allowed oil to flow back around the line. The saw would run with the carburetor supplied but not well, difficult at best to adjust the low and high sides. I replaced with the carb with a rebuilt OEM and the saw runs great! The plastic supplied was better than expected and those received from other AF suppliers. I ran a couple tanks through the saw and then gave it to a tree service to put it through its paces for a few weeks to seen how it’s going to fair against the OEM saws they are running, time will tell a better story.
All in all, not a bad kit at all for the money and delivery was fast.



Shipping was fast for how far it went. Less than 10 days to get to the US. Saw went together easy. There were a few items that I needed outside of the kit. Nuts to hold the carb on, screws for the handle, spring and grommet for the oiler line. Started after 4 pulls. Adjusted the carb using a tachometer. Ran 3 tanks of fuel through it so far, and it runs awesome. I am really happy with it. I would recommend it.



Its simple to build a working saw with this kit, even if you have completely destroyed your OEM saw.

Chain brake needs to be completely OEM but the one in the kit can work correctly, just I am not willing to trust it.
Cylinder may need some work, slight porting adds a bit of extra power. Killswitch/choke lever is not working well and cant be modified to work as well as OEM.
I changed the plastic handle to 036's aluminium one.
Chain tensioner needs to be better, I hope they find a way to use either hardened steel gears or find powder-steel method that workd better than the ones the kit includes, they're a little soft.
But many months later of heavy use, it seems to run very well and starts up very easily.

But in the end, I ended up with a beautiful fully working saw that ended up being better and more realible than the old 036. (Never going to sell or give it away)




I have tried to kill this saw but she won't quit she just runs faster and stronger!!!



Very good saw I have tried very hard to kill it and it won't die it keeps on getting faster and stronger!!



I own a MS290 that run's very good but wanted a 2nd saw with a little more power and a little lighter to take in the woods. This saw kit is a great deal it was complete and easy to assemble. I'm sure to buy a couple more saws soon. WHAT A BLAST! Thank You Farmertec and youtube where I first saw it in action



This is a great saw with loads of power for it's size, the Huztl kit is excellent at this price, you will have to change a few things with OEM Stihl parts but not a lot.
The small rubber gromit that goes between the air filter and the carb seam to not be in any kits so will need to be ordered from Stihl, the brake return spring is made wrong, it will work but will probably let go quickly, if you fit the decompresor you will want a Stihl one or just put the supplied plug in.
Over all it's great value for money



I was a bit skeptical at first until I heard the kit saw run. Completely won me over. Starts better that any saw I have. Runs great. Lots of power. No problems other than a minor adjustment to the throttle rod so the saw would idle down. No running or oiling problems. After break in, the power really came on. Chain speed is great. I now own a collection of Huztl saws.



My son and I built this kit into a saw, which has now done about 10 hours work (metered run time). It is an excellent saw and really does seem the same as a genuine 036. I've written a longer review on my blog:



Great saw for the money only took a few days to assemble I put a 20 inch bar on it cut for A whole log truck of firewood with it did not have any problems would buy another one if that won't quit in a few years



Repaired two oem 036's for my boss with huztl parts and after seeing them in action again and noticing how light weight they are decided to build this kit saw. The kit was my fifth complete kit build and everything went together perfectly can't tell it from oem. I have quite a nice collection of huztl saws going now and highly recommend them. Really good quality parts and allot of fun to build.



Purchased this kit couple months ago, easily assembled good quality..
loads of power, pulls a 25 bar like its an 18 ...done a lot of work with this little saw, no issues to date.

highly recommended..



Can't help but love this kit! Great price and awesome clone! This kit does take a little bit of time to put together, however the time spent is well worth the reward. I have a 25" bar and skip tooth chain on my kit and it easily eats whatever I put in it's path. Great power to weight! Completely and totally satisfied with this kit and recommend it to anyone looking to try one of these complete rebuild kits out.



I purchased one of these kits and assembled it in a few hours. I was missing a couple of screws but had extras laying around the shop. The saw is not a beginner job but maybe an intermediate skill level as you will need some good knowledge of the task and a good set of tools. When put together the saw started right up and runs very strong. Will see what longevity is after I run the heck out of it this firewood season. I give it a good rating. This 036 model Stihl clone is not one you can buy today but one of the best models Stihl ever made, light and powerful.



Great kit cant beet price

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