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Farmertec Rewards Programme FAQS

Aug 23, 2018

1. What is a Rewards Programme?

It is a loyalty programme for Huztl.net customers. For all customers who are registered account holders with Huztl.net, there is an opportunity to earn Reward Points each time they shop. The more money that a customer spends, the more Reward Points that customer will earn. These Reward points can then be redeemed on purchases from Huztl.net.


2. How do I find out more about this Rewards programme?

Please see the Farmertec Rewards Programme Terms and Conditions


3. What are Reward Points?

Reward Points are points earned every time you spend with Huztl.net. You will earn a different number of Reward Points depending on the order amount.

Reward Points are automatically added to your account and the balance will show in the “My Account” section on huztl.net website.

To work out how many points you earn, we will convert different currencies into US dollar.


Level 1. Single order amount<$500, $1 spend = 1 reward point earned

Level 2. Single order amount>$500, $1 spend = 1.2 reward points earned


4. What do I earn Reward Points on?

(1) You earn Reward Points on any purchases from Huztl.net (including the postage).

(2) Refund can be arranged by the form of Reward points.

In the situations like item out of stock, transportation problems or item defects, we will make refund for your purchase. If you prefer, we can arrange the refund by the form of points. WE WILL RETURN EXTRA 5% POINTS AS REWARDS.


E.g. We will return 105 points instead of $1 refund. You get this extra 5% points. You can pay for your future purchase using the points, and the points can be 100% deducted the payment.


(3) For new customer, if your first order amount is over $50, you will earn extra 100 points as rewards after successful payment.


5. How can I use the reward points? What is the redemption rate of my points?

You can redeem your Reward Points against any purchase from Huztl.net (including postage). Reward Points have no cash value and are not exchangeable for cash. You can redeem your Reward Points at the “check out” when ordering from Huztl.net online.

If a Member’s Reward Points balance is greater than the value of their order, Reward Points to cover the TOTAL value of your order are redeemed, and the balance of Reward Points will remain on the Member’s Reward Points account.


1 Reward Point has a redemption value of $0.01 against the cost of goods to be purchased from Huztl.net (100 points = $1). The points can be 100% used to deduct payment in future purchase.


For example, if your Reward Points balance is 3,000 points, and the value of your order equates to 2,000 points, 2,000 points will be used against your order and the balance of 1,000 points will remain on your Reward Points account for you to redeem at a later date.


6. Do I need enough Reward Points to pay for my total Order cost?

No, you do not need enough Reward Points to pay for the whole order. You can use your existing Reward Points balance to reduce the amount you have to pay. For example, if your order totals $100 and you have $10 worth of Reward Points on your account, you can redeem the Reward Points and pay the balance of $90. Once you have redeemed your Reward Points, your Reward Points balance will go to zero.


7. What if I have more Reward Points on my Reward Points account than the value of my order?

If your Reward Points balance is greater than the value of your order, you can redeem Reward Points to cover the total value of your order, and the balance of Reward Points will remain on your Reward Points account.


8. Do Membership Reward points expire?

No. There is no expiry or use by date on points while you stay enrolled in the Program.



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