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Holzfforma® Chainsaw Bar Cover Scabbard

Jul 8, 2021

Holzfforma Chainsaw Bar Cover Scabbard now available,Farmertec made it happen based on customers requirements,the first bunch of scabbards are in 20inch,24inch,25inch and 28inch sizes,which are the most popular sizes those Farmertec fans like, these are good quality scabbards in Blue Thunder color,they fit perfectly for any of the Holzfforma guide bars and also these are good choice for any of your chainsaw guide bars not only STIHL and Husqvarna bars but also many other brand bars,we may bring more size scabbards in the future.

20inch holzfforma scabbard

24inch holzfforma scabbard

25inch holzfforma scabbard

28inch holzfforma scabbard

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