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Holzfforma Complete Auxiliary Oiler Kit With Winch and Oil Tank

Jun 8, 2021

Holzfforma now get the full auxiliary oiler kit ready as we have lots of customers require it, this auxiliary oiler kit includes winch kitoil tank,  oil hose and lever arm, it is a very helpful equipment and very easy to use, just bolt on that's it. The total weight of this equipment is 2.5kgs, it is a perfect choice for milling.

We also have the milling chainsaw such as Holzfforma G888 122CC, Holzfforma G660 92CC and Holzfforma G070 105CC, chainsaw mills such as 36" chainsaw mill and 48" chainsaw mill, Rail system in 9FT, long guide bar chains such as 36inch and 42inch and also the high output oiler for chainsaws which you can find out them in our store.

High Output Oiler For HOLZFFORMA G660 and STIHL 066 MS660 Chainsaw

High Output Oiler For HOLZFFORMA G888 and STIHL 088 MS880 Chainsaw

<< Holzfforma® Chainsaw Bar Cover Scabbard

>> Holzfforma G888 - Do what you can't !

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