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Holzfforma G888 - Do what you can't !

Apr 22, 2021

Here we proudly announce that the project of Holzfforma G888 development has come to a perfect end, and the new generation G888 will soon be released to the market.


Farmertec's largest chainsaw is one of the most powerful in the world. The primary applications for the G888 are extreme logging, portable saw mills and stump work. This saw is designed to pull the chain on longest bars. Like all Holzfforma chainsaws, the G888 has a superior power-to-weight ratio. Thanks to many premium features and the unlimited ignition coil, this heavy-duty chainsaw is surprisingly easy to provide greater power.


Back to when we first planned to develop this chainsaw, it was almost three years ago. It really means a lot for us to develop this “biggest” chainsaw Farmertec ever offered. We worked so hard to ensure the quality is the best possible. There were so many setbacks during developing. During the last two years, we faced the huge increase in materials cost, the enormous threat from the COVID-19, and the serious labor shortage afterwards. Thanks to all supports and understanding from our customers, we eventually get this project accomplished.


Quality products at a lower price! Remain true to our original aspiration, we always tell ourselves, and it keeps us moving forward.


Do what you can't, with Farmertec all the way!

Farmertec Team

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