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3 Tips On Choosing The Right Chainsaw Chain

May 18, 2022

To find a saw chain suitable for your chainsaw, please use the Farmertec Saw Chain Guide for your reference.



In order to maximize the effectiveness of your chainsaw, it is crucial to choose the right saw chain. To help you choose the right chainsaw chain, here are some tips.



Pitch, Gauge, And Number Of Drive Links

A chainsaw chain's pitch, gauge, and number of drive links should be considered before purchasing. Having these two, anything else is largely a matter of preference.



What Is Chainsaw Chains Pitch?

In a chainsaw, pitch is defined as the average distance between two rivets. In the guide bar, it is commonly displayed by its value (1/4", .325", 3/8" or .404"). We recommend that you let your dealer measure your old chainsaw chain if you can't find it, since this is a bit tricky to do.



What Is Chainsaw Chain's Gauge

A chainsaw chain's gauge describes the thickness of its drive links, and it is useful for ensuring that it fits correctly into the guide bar. A gauge (.043, .050, .068, or .063) is likely to be displayed on the guide bar, just like the pitch. If not, we suggest you have your dealer measure the gauge on your old saw chain.



Pitch and number of drive links determine the length of a chainsaw chain. The link count on the old saw chain is not normally printed anywhere on the product or on the bar, so you may have to count yourself.




Getting Your Saw And Saw Chain To Match

You will not get better performance with a more aggressive saw chain on a standard chainsaw. It's like putting shark teeth on a piranha. It won't make the bite better.




When the saw chain and saw are perfectly matched (aggressive saw chain for an aggressive saw, etc), your cutting equipment will always perform at its best).




Full chisel, Semi-chisel, Chipper


What Are The Chain Saw Chain Types?

Modern chain saw chains basically come in three basic designs: the full chisel, the semi-chisel, and the chipper.



What Makes Full Chisel Saw Chain Special?

The sharp corner of the full chisel cutters split wood fibers easily and provides the fastest, most efficient cutting in clean softwood.


What Is Semi-chisel Chainsaw Chain?

Semi-chisel chainsaw chains have a certain degree of rounded corner on the cutters, which helps the cutter keep its sharpness longer, especially when cutting hard or frozen wood, or when working in dirty surroundings, where a full chisel saw chain would quickly lose its sharpness.


The chipper saw chain is similar to the semi-chisel saw chain, but with an even rounder working corner.

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