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Chainsaw Chains (143)

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Purchase Best Chainsaw Chain for Your Power Tool 


A full chisel chain is designed for rapid cutting. Unlike the semi-chisel chain, this chain has square-cornered teeth, which make it more aggressive when cutting. Semi-chisel chains have round-cornered teeth along with a round grid edge, so they are easy to file. Despite cutting slower than full chisel chains, semi-chainsaw chains remain sharper longer even under rough conditions of sawing. As skip chains have fewer teeth than conventional chains, there will be fewer teeth dragging through the wood as you are cutting. With less drag on the chain, less power is required to cut through the log. So your saw runs faster, keeping its power curve in a more efficient place. Unlike normal chainsaw chain, ripping chain is specially designed to cut along the grain of the wood you're cutting. A major difference between ripping chain and crosscut chain is the angle at which the teeth are sharpened.

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