• Top 6 Chainsaw Brands That You Cannot Miss


    There are countless uses for chainsaws, from pruning bushes and cutting firewood to construction projects. Some brands have names that are synonymous with chainsaws that instantly elevate them to the top of any chainsaw list while some lesser-known brands offer good value and quality. Choosing the r Read More
  • Your Chainsaw Needs Maintenance, Here Is How


    Basic Chainsaw Caring GuideTo make a petrol chainsaw last as long as possible, it must receive regular maintenance. Chainsaw owners are well aware of their tool's remarkable capability to chew through wood. Due to the fact that modern saws are so productive and tend to entice owners into trusting th Read More
  • 3 Chain Sharpening Steps for Gasoline Chainsaw User


    Quick question, how do you sharpen your saw chain and make it like this folk? Read More
  • 5 Best Wood & Tree Cutting Tools For Landscape Gardener


    When it comes to tree cutting tools, it's important to invest in quality. The last thing you want to see is that your tool fails or performs poorly at work. And you don't need to spend a lot of money to get the best tools! Chain saw Read More
  • 3 Tips On Choosing The Right Chainsaw Chain


    To find a saw chain suitable for your chainsaw, please use the Farmertec Saw Chain Guide for your reference. In order to maximize the effectiveness of your chainsaw, it is crucial to choose the right saw chain. To help you choose the right chainsaw chain, here are some tips. Pitch, Gauge, And Numb Read More
  • 6 Things You Should Consider When Buying A Gas Chainsaw


    Ultimate Gas Chainsaw Buyer's Guide by FarmertecIf you are doing a large-scale project on tree felling, you may want something more important than just being portable, which an electric chainsaw provides. For big jobs, choose a gas-powered chainsaw. Sure, they require fuel and more maintenance. But Read More
  • Holzfforma® Chainsaw Bar Cover Scabbard


    Holzfforma Chainsaw Bar Cover Scabbard now available,Farmertec made it happen based on customers requirements,the first bunch of scabbards are in 20inch,24inch,25inch and 28inch sizes,which are the most popular sizes those Farmertec fans like, these are good quality scabbards in Blue Thunder color,t Read More
  • Holzfforma Complete Auxiliary Oiler Kit With Winch and Oil Tank


    Holzfforma now get the full auxiliary oiler kit ready as we have lots of customers require it, this auxiliary oiler kit includes winch kit, oil tank, oil hose and lever arm, it is a very helpful equipment and very easy to use, just bolt on that's it. The total weight of this equipment is 2.5kgs, it Read More
  • JonCutter Series Chainsaws will be available soon


    Are you still hesitating for choosing another cool chainsaw? Grab yourself a JonCutter Chainsaw!Brand New JonCutter Chainsaws Blockbuster Coming Soon... Models: G2500(25cc) G3800(38cc) G4500(45cc) G5800(58cc) G7200(72cc)Various displacement, which satisfy all your needs, bring you more choices! Read More
  • Holzfforma G888 - Do what you can't !


    Here we proudly announce that the project of Holzfforma G888 development has come to a perfect end, and the new generation G888 will soon be released to the market. Farmertec's largest chainsaw is one of the most powerful in the world. The primary applications for the G888 are extreme logging, porta Read More
  • Farmertec Reward Points Programme Is Coming


    The Rewards Programme (the Programme) is a loyalty rewards Programme offered by using or enrolling in the Programme, you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms. Read More
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