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Chainsaw Guide Bars (52)

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Choose Chainsaw Guide Bar for the Best Out of Your Money

Length matters. When choosing a replacement bar, you must first consider the bar's length. The first thing you should do is replace like with like, since your engine is usually built around the bar and intended use activity. Generally, the bigger your engine, the bigger the bar you can use.
A casual chainsaw user should really replace the bar with one that is the same length and shape as the original. This way you won't have to worry about efficiency and your machine should perform as it did the day you first used it.

Solid or a Laminated chainsaw bar? ----Weight is also an important factor, the lighter the bar, the more you can lift. The flip side is a heavier blade can endure more stress. Whether a bar is light or heavy depends on how it is designed and there are several methods to their manufacture.
Whereas solid bars are made from one solid piece of steel, laminated bars are made by joining two steel rails with a steel core and a sprocket between them. What solid bars offer is sheer strength, laminated bars offers higher flexibility.

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