How to use and operate a Chainsaw

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Operating a chainsaw sometimes can be dangerous and strenuous. Before using one, be familiar with its hazards, special safety requirements, and techniques. To help you manage challenges around your home and garden more easily, here we would like to share some tips with you.

1 Read all safety precautions and instructions in the user's manual.

2 Select a model you can operate comfortably, that is large enough for the application you are using it for. If you have not bought or borrowed a saw already, think about renting one from a tool rental store, just to get an idea of the size and blade configuration you are comfortable using.

3 Recognize the four normal cuts that you may make with a chainsaw. Each of these type cuts have considerations and cautions which need to be addressed. Falling a tree on a power line will always be disastrous. Falling on a friend or neighbor's car or house will at least lead to hard feelings. Again, for brevity, it is not practical to describe all these situations in detail.

·         -Felling: This is the act of cutting down a tree.

·        - Limbing: This is removing limbs from the tree before or after it is felled.

·         -Trimming: (when using a chain saw) This refers to cutting limbs back or taking off branches on a limb. (if you are not using a chain saw, this could be as simple as shaping a bush-for brevity, not discussed here)

·         -Bucking: This is cutting the "log" or trunk of the tree in usable pieces, for instance, fireplace lengths.

felling,limbing,trmming and bucking

4 Fill the gas tank with the correct fuel/oil mixture, which is typically one gallon of gasoline with 4 to 6 ounces of two cycle engine oil. Because chainsaws are two cycle engines, they do not have a lubricating oil supply, and they will burn up quickly if the correct fuel is not used.

5 Do a safety check. Ensure that the chain is on properly, has the tension adjusted appropriately, and cannot rotate when the chain brake is engaged. Check that the air filter is properly installed and that the faceplate and bar nuts are on firmly.

6 Note that there are two filler caps on your saw, near the throttle handle. The caps may be labeled, and often the larger cap will be for fuel, and the smaller for bar lubricant. Fill the bar lube tank, check both caps to ensure that they are tightly installed, and place the saw on a flat surface. This is especially important for cranking very large saws, since the blade will commence turning as soon as the saw starts and revs up.

cap for fuel and bar lubricant

7 When your saw is running at idle, the blade should not engage and turn. Hopefully, you have selected a practice piece of wood or chosen a limb or log in an easy place to cut. Bring the blade in line with the cut you are going to make, disengage the chain brake, squeeze the throttle fully open, and lay the blade against the wood. Do not force the blade, it will draw into the cut with just the weight of the blade, or moderate pressure. Keep the saw running full throttle throughout the cut, easing the throttle off only as you are about to exit the cut on the other side of the log.

do not force he blade when saw is running

8 When you have completed your cutting operation, allow the saw to cool down before storing. Often it is a good idea to drain out the fuel and oil before storing since these may leak out and are flammable materials. The engine can be run one last time to empty the carburetor after you drain the fuel tank, this will keep the remaining fuel from gumming up the fuel system over long term storage.

cool down the saw

9 Keep the chainsaw bar and chain covered when not in use. A case is the best bet, but if you don't have one, buy a "bar cover" to protect both you and your saw.

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