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Home>Outdoor Power Equipments>Chain Saws>105cc Holzfforma® Blue Thunder G070 Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head Only Without Guide Bar and Saw Chain All Parts Are For 070 090 MAGNUM Chainsaw
105cc Holzfforma® Blue Thunder G070 Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head Only Without Guide Bar and Saw Chain All Parts Are For 070 090 MAGNUM Chainsaw

105cc Holzfforma® Blue Thunder G070 Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head Only Without Guide Bar and Saw Chain All Parts Are For 070 090 MAGNUM Chainsaw

US$ 245.49 US$ 350.70

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105cc Holzfforma® Blue Thunder G070 Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head Only Without Guide Bar and Saw Chain All Parts Are For 070 090 MAGNUM Chainsaw
Quantity: 21
US$ 2107.96US$ 2314.90
Save: US$ 206.94
    • Product Name: 105cc Holzfforma® Blue Thunder G070 Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head Only Without Guide Bar and Saw Chain All Parts Are For 070 090 MAGNUM Chainsaw
    • Item NO.: CS07066
    • Weight: 14 kg = 30.8647 lb = 493.8355 oz
    • Category: Outdoor Power Equipments > Chain Saws
    • Tag: Chain Saw , 070
    • Brand: Holzfforma
    • Creation Time: 2017-03-31
    • Type: G070 power head
    • Displacement: 105cc
    • Power: 4.8kw


Customer Reviews



Really looking forward to see the performance of this legendary saw.


Powerfull saw but the clutch broke got a 070 stihl replacement finally off ebay now still waiting for left threaded nut from China for clutch cover, so I guess you get what you pay for.


Clutch slips and has to be replaced repeatedly with milling slabs


How do you get a blade for the 105cc


hi all iv had this saw for just three months 40 litters of fuel been through it @25-1 milling running 42 inch bar
this thing has really impressed three pulls out of the box slight low jet adjustment and work just a big oll work horse so impressed iv brought the g660 from ebay and ordered another g070 thank you farmatec


Well I guess I best .after 40 hours there on of milling with 42 inch this saw has not missed a beat starts easy runs really well . Typical old style motor slow reving but the power is all ways there through the rev range very happy very . To the point I have the g660 and will be buying anouther g070


Just got the 070 and it s a monster. The g388 is still running strong after using it everyday for a year, cutting around 8 cords of wood and milling probably 30 to 40 slabs. It was time to start building an arsenal so it was a toss up between the 070 and the g660. After careful deliberation and research I went with the 070 and a 48 inch mill so as to designate it as a milling saw. I have to imagine it being their most expensive saw that it is also their best built saw. So far this seems to be the case. It s all metal, heavy as hell, and starts on the second or third pull everytime. I think it s awesome that they continue production on a saw that was originally made in the 70 s. It s like buying a brand new 66 chevelle that was made 6 months ago, for a third of the price of the original. I ve enjoyed the minor repairs the 388 has required because it s vastly widened my knowledge of two strokes and I now understsand chainsaws far more than I did a year ago. I ve had a good experience with both saws up til this point and I imagine this will continue. Farmertec is legit.


I am very pleased with the saw. I have thoroughly broken the saw in before reviewing and all I can say is I’m impressed. Tons of torque. Starts easily. Well made. Sounds amazing! Great customer service as well. I had a broken clutch cover from shipping which was promptly replaced. Email correspondence is handled within 24 hrs. I will be buying more saws!


I've used this saw through 10+ tankfulls of gas and I am very impressed. It is definitely a beast and not something you want to lug around alot, but it has plenty of power and gets the job done! Very easy to start and has met my expectations. I'm using it to mill some old oak using the 36 bar and chain


Excellent Buy. Powerful Saw. Walks through wood with 36 IN Bar. Will be adding more to my fleet in future.


070 semi retired my 66 Super Wiz. 070 is very heavy like 66 and with power to spare. In my case I did not have to make any carburetor adjustments. Delivered quick. . 070 is work mule. Considering buying 1 more if the price do not change.


There isn’t much I can say......just freaking epic
It’s heavy and loud but damn what a powerhouse.
Not my every day saw but when I need it it’s ready to go !
Thx Huztl!!


This is a big and heavy saw, but I like it very much. The saw have used 20+ tanks of fuel and it running so well .The fuel cap was a bit too big for the fuel tank, but that was and easy fix.


I already bought a ms660 from someone else over a year ago and had a few problems with it. But after reading the positive comments I decided to give farmertec a chance and bought a 365 ...love It! So I decided I was going to buy is 660 from them I saw the 070 was on sale and I've always wanted one. Words can't express how happy I am with a saw. If you wanted one buy one from them you won't be let down.


Just received the 070 power head today. Shipping was very fast just under 6 days to Ireland. This saw is not for the faint hearted it is a beast. Arrived very well packaged and no damage can't wait to fire it up. Many thanks huztl


Got it in 10 days. Ran great. Installed a 36 inch bar from stihl had to drill new forward holes to make it work. Saw ran flawless so far. Tons of torque and burns threw a big fir log. Very happy and love the big 105cc


I am thinking about buying one of this MS O70. It is the same as the 070 from Germany back in the days? Want to us it in Africa for pitsawing. I need some Peace's of advice to make a decision.
Thanks and looking forward to hearing from someone.


I bought one of these after my 20+ year old 044 gave up shortly after putting on 36" chainsaw mill.
Started right up! Works like a champ. I prefer roller tip bar, so I bought OEM 36" bar. OEM takes 4 more links than farmertech 36" bar. I had to drill the extra two forward holes for adjustment pin in bar. I did order farmertec 36" bar and 104 link ripping chains. Have not used though yet. So far I have milled several red cedars, and a couple of red oaks. Only problems....plastic cap pop off or decompression valve and plastic pin and spring pop off of throttle lock.
Also fuel cap stripped and chain off in tank. Good news is they credited me for those parts and I have ordered replacements. I will be using locktite blue, or superglue for plastic on metal press parts....

Even without throttle lock I can press decompression valve choke and one pull, push choke in. Starts first time!


Awesome saw had to solder one electrical connection to get spark but then it’s game on best saw I’ve had! Mill a couple of trees did great


Came fast!! Starts right up and sounds really nice. Has great compression and and lots of power for the big logs. Great product worth every dollar!!

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